Digital Marketing in China: Why Weibo is better than WeChat

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Digital Marketing in China is a tremendous challenge for brands and e-commerce retailers. It is important to have an attractive, well-designed content, to not only attract your customers but to encourage them to buy and become loyal to your brand.

But how do you get into the Chinese Market when your website is blocked by the great firewall? Through social media marketing in China, brands are able to reach the lucrative Chinese market as they are rapidly changing demographics: rising incomes increased consumer spending and an increasingly open business opportunities to foreign companies. The two digital tools that we are going to discuss today are Weibo and WeChat.

These are the features of Weibo that can help attract the Chinese Markets:

  • In Weibo, a brand’s posting can reach not only its followers but also users who are not following the brand- making it possible to gain new followers easier.
  • Compared to WeChat, Weibo messages and advertisements are more public and are more likely to go viral. Brands only need to make sure they create interesting content that would attract users.
  • Users are able to view activities of people they are not necessarily connected with. Brands can grab the attention of users when they are searching for something.
  • Just like Twitter, Weibo makes use of hashtags to let users find particular brands or topics with a specific content
  • It is used as a source of news and information on products, services, places to visit and so on. Brands can engage with users by featuring and promoting their products through a Weibo
  • The platform is used by key opinion leaders (KOLs) – trusted experts on specific topics, often with a large following. This means users may be drawn to a product or service as a result of a recommendation by a KOL. Marketers can collaborate with them to promote their products or services.
  • It comes with analytics so marketers can measure the effectiveness of the campaign.



  • It is largely designed for chatting, conversing and relationship building with customers or followers.
  • WeChat is more private- which covers much smaller scale than Weibo as it facilitates one-to-one connections.
  • It has limited visibility compared to Weibo, which can possibly make it harder to get a big following and restricts brands to reach their target audience.
  • Marketers may be limited in the number of posts they can publish each day or week, depending on the types of account that they have.

Why is Weibo better for Brand?

Weibo has more than 200 million active users monthly and is considered the most active and effective platform for Digital Marketing in China.Through mass broadcasting, we can say that Weibo is more suited for China content marketing as it is able to spread posts rapidly to users and non-users, making it a lot easier to do branding and marketing.

As a social media platform, it is open, fast and visible- messages are delivered consistently to interested users and groups. It is an important part of China marketing Strategy as it creates great opportunities to increase their target audience’s awareness of their brand. Moreover, Weibo advertisements are able to target overseas users by location while WeChat cannot.

Advertise on Weibo

The display banner advertisement price for Weibo varies according to the size, placement and keyword association. While WeChat advertisement pricing is based on performance- making it more expensive for brands.

Followers on Weibo

Followers are more likely attracted to connect with pages that contain interesting topics or content. Chinese Key Opinion Leaders influences on the platform is also a huge help as it is also used as a way to converse with fans.

Weibo Posts

On Weibo, there is no restriction on the number of posts per day and it’s advisable to post frequently to keep your brand’s presence in your followers’ feeds. In such a fast-moving consumer goods industry, brands can post every hour or two or 3 to 5 times daily to engage with their followers.

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