6 Traits of A Good Real Estate Social Media Page

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When we talk about social media pages on Facebook or Instagram, we usually expect fun images and short captions. However, brands from the real estate industry are sometimes exempted from these rules. It’s difficult to create inviting posts especially if property developers just put specific details about the property. Check out these 6 traits that every real estate social media page should have.


Attractive Images + Awesome Copy

A good real estate page attracts property buyers with images and explains well-using captions. As social media is mainly a visual medium, you have to produce great photos for your audience to stop scrolling, while using your copy to make them stay on your property advertisement. You could also create a link post of your web articles too!


Engaging Videos

Another way to win and convince your audience to buy property is through videos. More property agents are making use of YouTube and Facebook to attract more potential buyers. This way you can let them know your company’s story and showcase your property at any angle. A lot of customers are very meticulous nowadays. In this case, you have to assure them that the place you are offering is really good.


Precise and Transparent Property Details

When posting a property on social media, you must ensure that everything is precise and transparent such as the price, measurement, and other details of the unit you are selling.


Great online reviews

Reviews make every brand look genuine because it shows comment, feedback, or suggestions from your past buyers. It’s a good way to break doubts. From this, you can gain trust from your audience and eventually turn them into property buyers.

Wow the social media with great content for your real estate page. | iRiver Asia


Boost Ads According to the Brand’s Market

Always set your target market for every post especially when you have lots of properties globally. Reach out to your likers who haven’t liked your page yet. Invite and engage!

For instance, Facebook Ads have the option to target general or specific locations, interests, and even the age bracket of your desired target market. This way, you’ll be reaching potential customers who are actively seeking properties just like yours.


Showing Lifestyle Around the Property

Sometimes, you need to show a little lifestyle around the property you are selling — let’s say, recreational activities for every member of the family, nearby parks, or shopping malls.  This only means to show that the neighbourhood is full of exciting things to offer, or in other words, not boring.

Excite your readers’ senses. Tell them what it’s like to live in your property and what advantages they could get.

Wow the social media with great content for your real estate page. | iRiver Asia


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