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Get Online, Stay Connected

The internet has become a key element in today’s real estate marketing, and a lot of developers have benefited from multiple leads coming from digital marketing.  Did you know that 94 per cent of millennials and 84 per cent of baby boomers resorted in online search to find their prospects for a new home?

Tips in Maximising Online Presence of Real Estate Businesses | Digital Marketing | iRiver Asia

In essence, making your digital presence known loud and clear is one of the most important yet challenging aspects in real estate online marketing.

Putting up a website, sending emails, and creating a social media page are the major requirement for most business now, but the trouble faced by most real estate developers marketing is utilising it effectively.

This article will show you a few steps in ensuring that you get the best of what online marketing has to offer and how this certain real estate website can help you.

Tips in Maximising Online Presence of Real Estate Businesses


Set up a nicely-functioning website

Real estate developers would probably have a website with all their property listed. That’s great! But better yet, look into further improvements to your website. Real estate developers who are keen on gaining leads through digital marketing should have websites that are:

  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast loading time
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fully editable

Be active on social media

Explore all available real estate marketing tools on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As for China digital marketing, social media landscape to explore includes Weibo, Baidu, and WeChat (Read Here’s Why Developers Should Target the China Market and How to Dot It). However, having accounts in these social media sites are not enough. To be seen as relevant, your posts should cater to audience engagement aside from promoting your properties. Such posts may include facts, self-help tips, and the like.

List your properties online

Be sure to make it shareable make sure to include social share buttons. Aside from that, components of a good listing include clear photography and responsive layouts.

Explore Facebook Advertising

Initially starting as for socialising, Facebook has evolved as a marketing tool for real estate agents and developers to generate leads. Facebook Business Manager helps you target your audience, track your ads, and analyse advertising campaign. In addition to that, developers should keep pages updated by changing their profile and cover photos. Perks such as a 360-degree even upload 360 degrees of a unit or even a live video of an event. Give your audience close-to-reality access to your property!

Always have an email newsletter

Not only does it send your fans updates of your new projects, perhaps, but it also makes a way to always be connected to them. Another advantage of email marketing being able to customise communications per person through an email and text drip campaign. Is he or she a prospect buyer, a previous attendee of your open house, or a past buyer? Keep them on the loop by sending them tailor-made messages. This way, they will be more likely to take the next step.

Seek professional help

Seek the help of a trusted and experienced digital marketing expert for your special needs. Finding it hard to gain leads online? There exists a website called Yazhou Property, a news and property portal that mainly connects real estate developers to overseas property buyers, especially in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the China market. For real estate developers finding it hard to penetrate its target market, Yazhou Property helps to do so through social media advertising, creating responsive landing pages, and high-quality content in three languages (English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese). Furthermore, Yazhou Property offers pre-event promotion of events through an online event registration system and content marketing. With its niche in real estate digital marketing, developers and agents can reach clients in no time.

Contact us now to learn more about Yazhou Property’s services.




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With all these tips in mind, you can now take the step into furthering your digital marketing foray. Certainly, the internet plays a big part, but don’t forget to do your part too. Stay online, stay connected!