The First Step for Your Business Foray into China: Attaining ICP

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As the saying goes, it is a cut-throat business world out there. Big and small businesses fight to gain a spot in thin China’s emerging market.

Therefore, doing business in China requires you to strictly abide by its rules and regulations. To legitimize your business, you would need to comply with rules set forth by the State government. The way to attain the legal managing rights would be through filing for ICP.


What is ICP?

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China: Attaining ICP | Yazhou Property

ICP refers to Internet Content Provider or 网络内容提供商 in Chinese. ICP can be understood as an Internet service provider for millions of users and a tool that provides growth for businesses. It is approved by the State Department as the official managing tool for businesses. Consequently, China’s government prohibits unapproved cases in operating or providing internet service in the country.

The aim of filing this tool is to deter online activities such as the management of illegal websites and to clamp down on the propagation of fake news or misinformation. As a result, businesses that do not apply for ICP may face site closures.

Two Types of ICP

There are two types of ICP in China – ICP record card and ICP management rights, with the former requiring application while the latter does not. For P2P network systems, ICP filing is necessary and subsequently, businesses can apply for ICP management rights. The difference between both is their format. The ICP record card has an abbreviated number for its the serial code.

For ICP management rights, the serial code is its certificate number. The process of ICP filing is a complex process where you would need to prepare the relevant documents for submission, wait for processing and review by the relevant institutions.  Only after the record is filed and the domain name approved, the host will be granted access to the website to formally publish their own website information.

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China: Attaining ICP | Yazhou Property
The process of ICP application


IH Digital ensures your smooth ICP attainment to secure your clients

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China: Attaining ICP | Yazhou Property

Does this process seem complicated? Worry not, for IH digital is here to help!

  • Website creation: The professional team at IH digital provides your needs in attaining your ideal website. With creative and strategic people on board, your products will have greater visibility in display networks.
  • Application for ICP: IH Digital is well-versed in the application process, helping numerous business in their filing. You simply need to provide the relevant documents and we will expedite the process.
  • Client attainment: IH Digital makes your business operate on the Chinese network by helping you plan your business. We help your business in copyrighting on various Chinese media platforms and channels. These processes ensure the smooth execution of your business on online platforms in mainland China and greater China while providing good exposure and publicity for your business.

Case Study

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China: Attaining ICP | Yazhou Property
Image from Malee China Official Website

IH Digital has successfully helped the number one Thai F&B brand, Malee, which offers fruit juices, in its foray into the Chinese market through the provision of state-of-the-art services. With IH Digital’s expertise in video marketing, overseas expansion, and branding, it is indeed Asia’s all around digital advertising agency. We have a professional team to assist you in crafting the best strategies for your business and to successfully market your products to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, IH Digital is able to tailor your business strategy to the regional and local needs. It also creates advertisement placements to maximize your advertising budget. If you would like to engage with IH Digital for our services, do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any queries regarding brand promotion in the Asia Pacific region or mainland China, you can contact us via our official website or IH Digital’s Facebook page.

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