Social Media Marketing: How Social Media Influencers Help Your Brand Grow

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Social Media Marketing: How Social Media Influencers Help Your Brand Grow

Living in a world full of brand advertisement and social media marketing gimmicks makes people crave for is a brand that is authentic — a brand that they could trust.

A lot of factors come into play as to why some brands gain more followers than others in the online market. One is the proven usefulness of the brand’s item, another one is great customer interaction, and last but most important is an effective digital marketing strategy.

A popular marketing trend among competing brands now is the use of social media marketing, especially through using social media influencers and bloggers. But just how powerful are these influencers? All of these things will be explained throughout the article. Keep reading!

Influencer Marketing

Social media marketing was borne out of the millions of social media users. It has become a platform for sharing personal information as well as the interaction with other people, as the word social suggests. Then there came social media influencers and bloggers and the rise of “influencer marketing.”

Social Media Marketing: How Social Media Influencers Help Your Brand Grow | iRiver Asia

As mentioned earlier, what people crave for is a reliable brand. With the emergence of social media influencers and bloggers, social media marketers saw how helpful influencer marketing is to brand awareness and eventually brand sales. Influencer marketing then was added to the list of social media marketing strategies.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2017 study, influencer marketing ranked number one for the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method, garnering 28% out of the total answers from interviewees. This answer is almost two times higher than those who focus on organic searches alone.

In addition, 71% of digital markers say that getting brand ambassadors is the most effective form of influencer marketing.

Other influencer marketing techniques that follow ambassadorships include:

  • Product reviews
  • Brand mentions
  • Event coverage
  • Sponsored content
  • Affiliate links

These influencers can be seen in almost all social media sites, but most of their population could be seen on Instagram, the world’s most popular photo sharing app.

Just last year, Instagram has recorded 12.9 million brand-sponsored influencer posts and almost a doubled amount for this year reaching a projected market size of about USD 1.7 billion.

With social media influencers, not only does your brand gain exposure, but it also builds brand credibility. Especially so when an influencer is seen to have authentic content.

Social Media Influencers and Bloggers

Social media influencers and bloggers have started out as people who share their interest vocally. Such things can include commentaries, fashion, gaming, their everyday life, and what not. Each of these influencers does things their own unique and original way too which make them stand out from the other social media noise.

As these influencers gain prominence, people get actively involved in these influencers’ everyday life. We could say that they are the internet’s celebrities at some point. They also function as a trendsetter — a key opinion leader with an image aspired to become and to follow.

Aside from that, the most successful influencers engage well with their fans. As a result, this creates a strong relationship and trust within the fans. In return, this stronghold of credibility and trust from fans make each brand advertised by a particular influencer generate nods from the audience as well.

The Power of Influence

With that amount of following and prestige they have gained, these influencers have the power to shape their fans’ minds — from their buying decisions to even their personal views. There are a lot of Psychological theories that explain consumerism and advertising but one theory that is in line with understanding social media influencers and their followers is Tafjel and Turner’s Social Identity Theory. This theory states that an individual’s own perception of identity mirrors the social group they perceive to belong to.

So once someone follows a fashion blogger, they feel that they have entered a following of like-minded people. Followers then create an identity that reflects that group or community. Hence, the key opinion leader in the group has a strong influence within his or her followers because naturally, we tend to follow those who belong to our circle.

Furthermore, most social media influencers belong to the millennial age group, a group known to be difficult to target. With influencers seemingly functioning as the millennials’ peers, these social media influencers have more power to influence this age group. Especially so because these influencers mostly do marketing in social media, a place where you could find most, if not all, millennials.

This is why social media influencers are an important asset to one’s digital marketing plan.

In a study published in Emerald Insight, trustworthiness, credibility, attractiveness, and relatability are what enables influencers to shape the audience’s mind. With this, you should note that not all influencers fit with your brand. Choose the one that most likely fits with your brand standards and beliefs. Most importantly, choose an influencer who whole-heartedly believes in your brand.


In the world of digital marketing, one brilliant strategy of generating a broad brand awareness is through influencer marketing. However, know that it does not work instantly. Selecting a famous influencer does not translate to being influential per se.

So it all boils down to selecting an influencer that is authentic and has the power to make people engage with your brand.

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