Reaching the Unreachable: How to Reach Millennials Through Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Reaching Millennials

Oftentimes, we hear digital marketers complain about the difficulty of reaching millennials. Maybe, it’s not the millennials’ problem after all.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Reaching Millennials | iRiver Asia

According to Danielle Brown, the vice president of marketing at Points, millennials develop brand loyalty if they feel that they are appreciated and valued. Some people say that this trait is what makes millennials entitled. But, contrary to popular belief, this is what makes most people loyal to a brand, not just millennials. But first, who are the millennials?

The Millennials

A number of sources differ from the age limit set to be called a millennial, saying that it ranges from 1980 – mid-1990s or even up to 2000s. However, the shared experiences and historical events of a generation is much more important than the exact borders for a generation’s age.

But, the millennial generation, in general, has a wide scope and is very diverse. Let’s say they are now aged 18 to 35. Just imagine the kind of music the older millennials listen to as compared to the younger generation. Each subgroup of this generation has a certain focus wherein another might not relate to. So when planning your online marketing strategy, it’s best that you target a specific age group.

Despite the differences in experience, what characterises millennials is their generation of tech-savvy digital natives.

On average, millennials spend about 223 minutes online using mobile devices and a total of 242 minutes using desktop or tablets, daily. Another source said that an affluent millennial in the US spends about 7.5 hours.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Reaching Millennials | iRiver Asia
Generation Z and millennials’ average daily time spent online (worldwide) as of 2nd quarter 2017, by device (in minutes). Courtesy of


But the question on everybody’s mind is that, why are millennials so hard to reach?

For starters, millennials are more discerning when it comes to buying products. Why so? They are now aware of traditional marketing and those hard-sell advertisements. Now, they seek more information about the product so giving superficial information won’t work on them. Also, there is a wide array of services to choose from which they could search using their mobile phones. Meaning, the competition of brands is quite rough out there.

In addition, 34% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree or higher. As a result, millennials are more likely to question everything. So, it is not a surprise that millennials are “hard to reach” audiences.

As the baby boomers are starting to retire, the millennials are emerging as the primary workforce and spenders for the years to come, especially in 2020. So, how can you tap into this large market?

Reach Millennials by Going Digital While Staying Relevant

By default, most digital marketers say that to reach millennials, you must go online. That’s true. As reflected by the number of hours spent on the internet, it’s really surprising if you don’t tap the online market to reach millennials.

The most used (and sometimes abused) digital marketing strategy to reach this demographic is through social media. Facebook, especially, is crawling with brands competing for attention.

With that oversaturation of advertisements, it’s a good idea to start planning your digital marketing strategy on other growing social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, among others. However, what should be the ultimate goal of every brand’s digital marketing plan is to create original content that generates engagement. Don’t just be another clutter in the social media landscape. Be relevant. But how? Continue reading to find out.

How to Engage With Millennials?

It is hard relying on likes and shares to gauge brand loyalty, especially when some millennials like or share just because they felt touched or because of some discounts. It is definitely a sound strategy, but it lacks loyalty retention.

What you can do is to keep meaningful engagement with them as you send out updates regarding your product information, special offers, and other promos. Such meaningful engagement can include special offers for returning customers and giving incentives for brand advocacy. Doing this can be a way to show customer appreciation and overall care.

Inviting audience interaction is also a way to keep your customers an active and engaging commenter or sharer, especially in the age where everything interesting is shared. Take this to your advantage by telling them to comment their thoughts or send photos using your brand, for instance.

As mentioned earlier, millennials also tend to trust brands with overall pleasant customer service. Being present online means that your social media page is now the primary channel for immediate customer service and feedbacks. Maintaining a high response rate in social media and you’ll see how it affects your brand’s fans.

But do note that quality customer service comes hand in hand with product quality, price, and convenience.

How to Maintain Brand Loyalty

Maintaining brand loyalty can be hard, especially if there are a lot of brands competing for each customer’s attention. One thing you can do is to make millennials your brand ambassador. Having an influencer that is within the same age bracket of your target audience provides an easier way to attract audiences.

What drives most millennials these days is having the ability to express themselves through brands. Some even say they are quite egoistic, especially with the boom of the “selfie” culture. But having someone or a brand influence them, especially those looking for inspiration during their coming-of-age, can increase brand loyalty.

Consider how your brand says something about the consumers themselves. How does your brand help consumers express themselves? Let that be a guiding question for your next online marketing campaign.

If you’re still not convinced, you can read our article explaining how social media influencers and bloggers can help your brand grow.

How to Keep Content Relevant

After all, the core component of attracting millennials all boils down to content. We cannot deny the fact that millennials tend to ignore posts that aren’t striking enough. That’s why it is important to use creative and dynamic content. This ranges from texts, images, videos, GIFs, or whatever satisfies their need for information and entertainment.

Some brands tend to rely on viral postings, but be sure that your being viral is for a good cause. As much as possible, steer away from the notion that bad publicity is still publicity. Remember, your building your brand image here. It’s extremely easy to go from a hundred to zero when something in social media goes wrong.

So, the key is to create an original and relatable content that provides a unique experience while giving them both entertainment and information. If you’re looking for creative content creators with a niche for travel and real estate, we got you covered.

Tracking the Millennial’s Actions

After planning your digital marketing strategy and actually implementing it, next comes data and performance analysis. iRiver Asia specialises in gathering, analysing, and interpreting data for the overall improvement of your page. We can even provide you with the statistics of your competitor to know how well you are doing in the competition.

For more information about this, don’t hesitate to contact us.


So, are millennials hard to win over? Well, the answer is yes. With the plethora of brands in social media, you can’t say that millennials can stay loyal to your brand and to your brand alone. It’s hard to reach millennials, but you can elevate both brand loyalty and sales through these strategies.

To recap, you must have engaging content that satisfies the need for both entertainment and information. Second, you must have a complete package of excellent customer service as well as competitive pricing, quality, and shopping convenience. Lastly, you must have the means to measure your performance.

Now that you know the basics, we hope that you have a clearer picture of how to target millennials.

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