Product Sampling Strategy for your Integrated Marketing Mix

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For businesses who want to roll out new products, they get to face with a market that is also saturated with other players competing for a large chunk of the market share. Product sampling is a helpful way to get ahead of the competition. It is widely used by businesses because it works wonders and produces prospects to market their products to bigger, more personal measures.


Consumers have a lot of uncertainties in buying products they have never tried. Even the popularity of a brand is not enough to market new products unless customers have gotten a chance to use the product. Product sampling helps in eliminating these uncertainties by offering products to new customers for free. More often than not, when consumers have come to liken the product, they’ll come back motivated to buy the actual product for themselves. There is high probability for these satisfied users to become loyal customers and spread the product across their network.

Several marketing strategies have been used by various industries to promote their products across a wide variety of audience. One of the most popular types of product sampling is through events where it is typically done in public spaces such as malls, bazaars or even in concerts. In some instances, different brands partner together to produce packages with both of their products distributed together. In-store sampling is also popular with fragrances or even food enterprises. These traditional strategies will always work with the customers because of their preference to personally test the products. You can never underestimate the marketing power of complete sensory experience.

Product sampling is a helpful way to get ahead of the competition.

The successful launch of Xbox One attracted core gamers across several markets using their Xbox One Sports Star Challenge. The product was showcased to participants by giving them a chance to play with their favourite Sports stars. Image from here.

Product sampling is a helpful way to get ahead of the competition.

Coca Cola’s Happiness Truck was successful in spreading happiness by giving out Coca-Cola products and other fun items to unsuspecting people by pushing a button at the back of the truck. The campaign went through several cities across the globe, becoming a global viral sensation. Image from here.

At this time, it is vital and also smart to leverage the capabilities of digital media to augment product sampling strategies to full blown integrated marketing campaigns. O2O have become more profitable, thanks to the enormous reach of social media platforms and other digital marketing channels. These platforms can be integrated in the marketing mix of a campaign. By simply using Facebook, a brand can efficiently inform users and engage them to join their sampling activities. In our previous article, we featured Pringles sampling campaign in which they teased Facebook fans with photos of locations where they will give out product samples. The locations were revealed to the fans once they’ve reach a number of likes. You can check out the article here to discover more of the big treats Pringles had in store for the fans. Businesses have implemented new and innovative content marketing strategies to effectively bring in more customers while providing free samples to everyone.

Our integrated marketing services can help your brand to offer your product closer to your target audience. Through on-ground event, activation and product sampling, we ensure that your audience will get the best brand experience they deserve. Contact iRiver Advertising here and we’ll be in touch shortly!