Marketing Online: Here’s Why Developers Should Target the China Market and How to Do It

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Got a Property Development? Here’s Who You Should Target

The China market has one of the strongest real estate investors. Here’s why you should be targeting them now, especially through marketing online.

Marketing Online: Here's Why Developers Should Target the China Market | iRiverAsia

For instance, Mainland Chinese investors alone have garnered outbound real estate investments peaking at USD 42.2 billion in 2017.

Despite the tightening of government policies on debts and outbound capital flow, most Chinese investors see a positive light. Sourced from Cushman & Wakefield’s 2019 Greater China Research, 92% of respondents reported that Chinese real estate capital will be more welcome or neutral, especially in countries involved in the Belt & Road Initiative.

With that said, developers should now be doing online marketing in China to target buyers and investors, and through what means? Through digital marketing, of course. Buyers are now checking the internet first for property searching instead of traditional media. However, given the difficulty of penetrating the Chinese digital landscape, most real estate developers have a hard time marketing online.

What most people don’t know is that reaching the China market online is relatively easy with the right tools.

Overcoming Common Barriers in Reaching the Chinese Market

Want to market condominiums for sale? Or serviced apartments, good-class bungalows, or apartments for rent? Before a real estate developer can do this, they should first know the usual problems and solutions in targeting Chinese real estate buyers.

China’s Digital Landscape

Marketing Online: Here's Why Developers Should Target the China Market | iRiverAsia

When targeting Chinese buyers, the first thing developers need to understand is how the China digital landscape works. Due to political reasons, international social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube are not allowed.  Now, what can real estate developers use?

The Chinese counterpart for Facebook is Weibo, China’s biggest social media platform. Baidu, on the other hand, is China’s most popular search engine. Other apps include Naver and WeChat.

Delivering Content to the Right Audience

Marketing Online: Here's Why Developers Should Target the China Market | iRiverAsia

With the knowledge of China’s digital platforms, the next problem would be content creation and content delivery. Foreign developers might have a problem regarding language barriers and finding a Chinese translator is not the solution.

More importantly, without having the understanding of the China market, delivering content to the right audience will be like running through a maze with a blindfold on. An ideal way to connect to potential property buyers is through availing services of a trusted company with a niche in China digital marketing.

Worry not. All hope isn’t lost. iRiver Asia is backed by years of experience in China digital marketing.

Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy: The Solution to All Developers’ Problems

iRiver Asia has been helping international clients expand their business through the China Market for over ten years now. And through its brainchild Yazhou Property, developers can be easily connected to a wide range of potential property buyers, especially in the China market.

Yazhou Property is a website that aims to connect Asia’s property developers with international investors who are interested in buying homes abroad or buying overseas property as an investment. It has a website available in three languages (English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) which can target audiences’ interests through inbound lead generation or high-quality content creation.

A property portal, Yazhou Property further offers a plethora of services all to help developers reach the target audience and to gain leads. Such services include leads management via ad buy, roadshows in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou, and a lot more.

Other than that, having accounts in China’s biggest social media platform Weibo and Baidu, Yazhou Property can easily penetrate the local Chinese market. One way to do it is through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of relevant content.

Contact us now to learn more about Yazhou Property’s services.




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