How to Leverage Facebook to Boost Digital Marketing for SME

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A majority of Internet users have Facebook accounts. This opens the floodgates for marketers to effectively promote startups, SMEs, and big companies, and increase engagement, drive sales, and improve customer experience. Additionally, advertising on Facebook offers a cost-effective way to generate organic reach and exhibit fun and engaging social media campaigns without burning a hole in your pocket.

Despite the countless marketing possibilities that Facebook provides, many small to mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs are still unsure of the best practices to capture the attention of their target audience on this widely used social media channel. Read on to learn more tips on how to use Facebook for business and take digital marketing for SMEs to a new level.

Riding on the Facebook marketing trend

Read on to learn more tips on how to use Facebook for business and take digital marketing for SMEs to a new level.

  • The key component to optimising digital marketing for SMEs on Facebook is to be consistent. Posting regularly enables brands to extend customer reach and further drive engagement. No matter what type of content you plan to publish, be it Facebook video ads, texts, images or animated GIFs, it is crucial to give audience the impression that you’re actively using the page by posting daily or 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Update your profile picture and cover photo regularly. Changing your profile picture or cover photo will help your profile rank higher on Facebook algorithm and on your friends’ newsfeed, thereby improving potential customer reach.
  • You’ve probably stumbled across a witty post or a though-provoking image that you can’t help but share on your own profile. Images get high engagement on Facebook. And what better way to improve digital marketing for SMEs on Facebook than to incorporate humour to your post to captivate your audience. Also, you can add inspiring texts or questions to the image to encourage them to leave a comment.
  • Come up with a fun and engaging activity on Facebook to mobilise your target audience, drive action, and make them feel that they are part of something special. In addition, you can run a discount or rewards redemption campaign to promote the quality and uniqueness of your brand. This is also an excellent way for your product or service to get more feedback and testimonials from potential consumers and paying customers.
  • Add hashtags and use tagging features on your post. This may result in increased online visibility and raise brand awareness.
  • Don’t just ignore comments on your posts. Respond to comments quickly to boost engagement on Facebook and improve customer experience.

As with any Facebook marketing and business strategy, devising a smart concept and putting them into play on a regular basis will enable your brand to stand out on the popular social media platform. At iRiver Advertising, we take digital marketing for SMEs and startups to greater heights as we offer media buying for Facebook advertising, which aims to help your brand optimise content marketing strategies and reach a wider audience. To learn more about our digital marketing services, contact one of our representatives by clicking here.