Integrated marketing: Social Media, Video, and Influencer Marketing Are the New Marketing Power Trio!

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Integrated Marketing: Social Media, Influencer, and Video Marketing

Like how fashion changes and upgrades over the years, integrated marketing also elevates the digital marketing game. Nowadays, influencers, social media, and video marketing are considered by brands as the power trio. Influencers tell stories through a video and post it on social media.


Both consumers and brands trust influencers because they often tell their experiences while trying a product or service. There are many options on where they can publish their reviews or feedback, one of which is through videos. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to introduce a brand or a product to your audience. Influencers take advantage of vlogging because it’s much easier to make their audience understand their stories. They could also promote a brand through their social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Integrated Marketing: social media, video, and influencer marketing | iRiver Asia


Asia Travel Club on Integrated Marketing

Social platforms like Asia Travel Club follows this type of integrated marketing strategy. Hotel partners can now easily connect to influencers through this platform. Influencers give out stories of their experiences in these hotels and post a picture or a video on social media. With that, hotel partners offer the influencers a free night stay in their hotel.



Step Up Your Marketing Strategy with iRiver Asia

Plan your integrated marketing strategy with iRiver Asia. This social media marketing agency provides the best marketing solutions and support for your influencer marketing concerns. Hotel partners have been receiving quality stories from influencers. Want to be a part of Asia Travel Club’s hotel partners? Contact us today!