Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For This 2019

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Technology develops like a flash, and so does digital marketing. The year 2019 brings about new digital marketing trends, and being updated with these trends will help business and your clients stay afloat.

Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For This 2019 | iRiver Asia

SEO specialist and Fishbat Media co-founder Scott Darrhorn lists several digital marketing changes that he expects to see this year.

Gauging Audience through Social Media

Brands mostly use social media to raise awareness and create a conversation. But this year, the key to understanding audiences’ wants and needs will be through social media engagement. Effectively listening to conversations about their brand and competitors’ brand will help businesses learn the type of content that effectively performs better for their target audience.

Darrhorn enumerates several ways to develop a more personal relationship with customers:

  • Asking and answering consumer questions
  • Creating engaging posts for consumers
  • Having a quick response time of 24-48 hours

Continue building a personal relationship with audiences by having conversations on social media, either through user posts, comments, and messages. Aside from that, personalising user experience by creating content that reflects customers wants could further increase brand awareness, gain consumer trust, and strengthen brand loyalty.

Refining Videos to Include in SEO Strategy

Search engines have been constantly updating to include user-friendly and engaging sites upon users’ search. Usually, the most helpful websites turn up higher in rankings, and this year, videos can help just that.

If you rank digital content, videos are at the top of the food chain. People who love audio-visual content is nothing new. According to studies, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. As a result, videos are shared 1,200% more than links and text combined, says VentureBeat.

Darrhorn predicts that businesses will exert much effort in improving their SEO rankings, even incorporating SEO keywords into the video’s title, description, and URL. Basically how you do it in writing articles as well.

Including high-volume keywords in your video script helps Google detect what the video contains as it ranks the video accordingly, so using this tactic will be to your advantage.

But, overall, business should be focusing on improving their SEO strategy to be as close to the target audience as possible.

Geo-Marketing Will Broaden Its Horizons

Most businesses have already been using geo-marketing to pinpoint fans’ location. With the need for more precise and accurate results, another digital marketing technique such as geo-fencing was born. Geo-fencing entails triggering an action once a device enters a determined location.

As such, apps or services using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, or cellular data can trigger a pre-programmed action a soon as a device enters a virtual boundary set up around a location, otherwise known as a geofence.

For instance, businesses can program a geo-mapping ad a quarter-mile radius from a competitor’s store. Every time a customer walks into the targeted location, he will get an ad for your business. As businesses make way to a detailed targeting, getting more engagement and brand awareness will be easier.

More Personalised Email Marketing

Consumers notice even the littlest things, including personalised emails. Let your customers feel some care from your brand and it can result in loyalty and more conversions.

Darrhorn advised that whenever creating a personalised email marketing campaign, businesses must:

  • Create specific emails for your differed market segments
  • Choose to promote products and services that are interesting for those customers
  • Keep content short and memorable.
  • Craft creatives that both represents your brand and garners engagement.

New Technology Will Rise

Artificial intelligence tools such as virtual agents, image recognition, and smart retail recommendations are expected to become further utilised this year. As the digital marketing business gets more competitive, some will definitely focus on bettering their services and strategy.

In any case, new technologies will definitely arise and it is the job of each digital marketing team to be updated and to research on new tools. One way to stay ahead of competitors is subscribing to RSS feeds and Facebook pages of information websites. Keeping abreast of new technological advances will assist your overall marketing objectives.

However, Darhorrn advice business that although these new technologies may come about, the key to even more digital marketing success will be to implement it “cohesively across digital initiatives.”