Conquer the Digital Marketing World with iRiver Asia

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The digital marketing world is very competitive and it keeps evolving. With millions of digital users across the globe, digital marketing is among the most effective and highly engaging market that if used properly can bring brands to the top of their game.

We know for a fact that the digital marketing industry is never going to slow down, this is why business are trying to bring customers to their website by doing all sorts of digital marketing campaign. By realising the unique potential of each social media platform, iRiver Asia helps to bridge the gap between brands and their consumers by executing successful digital marketing campaigns.

We may have already told you why you should advertise with Travel 141, but should you just require that final push, here are some case studies to further convince you that we are the right partner if you’re looking to connect WITH your audience.

Multi-markets Reach and Views

What makes Travel 141 ahead of other travel websites is that aside from the different social media outlets, the content is available in four languages creating a broad spectrum of new international audience for clients. Be mindful that social media marketing in Singapore itself is not sufficient to conquer the digital marketing world. This is why Travel 141 is the right platform for you to connect with your audience.

The expanded reach gives a greater possibility of attracting new readers, easily exposing the brand for far-reaching possibilities.

Let’s take for example the Khaolaor campaign executed in March 2017. The feature on this Thai herbal medicine was written and published not just in our English website but Chinese, and Korean websites as well. These editorials were then shared on our social media outlets, promoting multi-markets reach and views, accumulating over 33k impressions.

The amplification through our Facebook pages helped immensely, achieving more than 3,000 likes and impressions on Facebook.

Google & Baidu Search

The SEO campaign for Khaolaor was also a success as all three websites – Korean, English and Chinese – were ranked on the first page on Google and Baidu for 12 different keywords. This is a good start for your brand to be exposed to China market via Baidu. To be listed on search engines is one of the strategic pillars in a successful digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is a form of targeted advertising, allowing brands to reach out to their specific audience. After doing enough research based on our clients’ need, we will meticulously calibrate the demographics, target audience, location and other factors when promoting content through our Facebook Page.


High Reach on Social Media               

We also specialise in using Facebook marketing as a great means to build your brand and drive conversions in Singapore. Our growing community of 18,700++ fans on Facebook is exposed to every content we share on this social media platform. With our weekly post reach of 16,000++, brands can be assured that their message are disseminated to the right people. Not to mention, we have another 18,000++ followers on Instagram – another platform that can help brands get more exposure.

Homepage Carousel

Sponsored advertorial are featured on our Homepage Carousel and are highlighted as the recommended articles for the month. This is also a part of our digital marketing strategy to give our readers a greater exposure to our clients’ brands.

Making the most out of our digital marketing platforms will help you in driving constant engagement and building brand loyalty. iRiver Asia, a reputable digital agency in Singapore, aims to magnify the effectiveness of digital marketing for businesses. iRiver Asia also offer media buying for Social Media advertising, as well as SEO optimisation, web design and development and SEM services. Click here for more details.