Brand Building with Digital Display Screens in Integrated Marketing

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Video marketing content consumption across most used digital gadgets such as smartphones and tablets is flourishing. The unending test for businesses and brand ambassadors is to reach as many people as they can through their integrated marketing strategies and video marketing content. These mobile devices are what people are usually in to, so spreading content throughout handheld gadgets is a necessary action for brands who want to get as many people to watch their videos. Gesturetek shows a study on how digital signage and display screens increase brand recall and awareness. It is also no surprise that the use of digital display screens at various location and events can be added as a strategic integrated marketing for countless promotional strategies.

Digital Display in Events and Outdoor Settings

The use of digital display is an effective method to portray branded content to people in a certain location. Digital display screens are used in events where organizers have full control of the site, and where audience is most open in acquiring the message. It will be a good way to achieve a large boost on brand performance and most importantly leaves a considerable amount of impact on the target audience.

In product sampling events, brands can integrate display advertising through digital signage and motion graphics to complement its approaches to complete the brand experience of any person participating the in the activity. 2d animation and 3d animation video reels have been used as engaging tools in product launches and exhibitions. Reaching a person through digital video and video marketing should not be difficult. Its visual appeal to the audience will be enough to catch their attention. It’s only up to the organizers or staff of the event to give the audience as much branded message as they can while increasing their involvement and ultimately lead the audience to subscribe to the brand.

Content Marketing for digital display screens is another way to reach out to your audience.

Other use of digital display such as outdoor advertising makes it possible for brand to reach audience with custom interactive product promotions across multiple linked devices. State-of-the-art digital display screens in bus shelters, train stations, train platforms, shopping malls and metropolitan billboards are getting a lot of attention from many people. Video advertisers know that these locations can be advantageously used as an avenue for them to push content towards unsuspecting audience. Results have shown that they are effective in growing product participation and appreciation of the brand.

These video displays can be manipulated according to the creative direction a brand desires in order to catch customer’s attention. Interactive digital displays like touchscreens are effective in persuading audience to do any acts in retail settings. These digital devices can still offer new experience to the audience that no mobile platforms can offer. It permits creators to focus on the biggest factor of marketing – offering content on the screen and increasing the user experience through interactive displays.

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