5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Website Conversion

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Generate more Conversions on your Website with these 5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies

In today’s digital marketing playing field, having a website is not enough.  You have to compete with thousands of pages out there that offer the same content as you do!  Several factors such as loading speed, content, and landing pages play important role in creating a meaningful experience for your viewers. Improving those little things on your website can not only increase your organic searches but your conversions as well.

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Website Conversion | iRiver Asia
Be a confident digital marketer by following the best strategies in website conversion.

Now, read on to find out the best digital marketing strategy to improve your website into one that stands out in the sea of searches. With this, you’ll definitely convert viewers into customers.

Check What’s Wrong with Your Website

Before doing anything else, take your time to examine your website.

Name a website that you like. Now, ask yourself. Why do you like that website? Maybe it’s because of the smooth navigation on their website? Or perhaps because of its simple yet amazing design utilised for the best user experience?

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Website Conversion | iRiver Asia
Optimize your website to further user experience and usability.

Whatever it is, you need to figure out where your website is lacking. Below are the basic things you need to check on:

  1. Website speed

Nobody wants a slow website. People go to the internet with the intent to get what they are looking for quickly. If your page loads slowly, people might not return to your website ever again. So, it is for the best that you check things like your file sizes, types, and other plugins that may slow your website down.

You can check your website speed for free at Pingdom and GTMetrix and see their recommendations for faster website loading.

  1. Website Optimisation for Mobile

Mobile phones are the most accessible searching tool that everybody has. With the increase of mobile consumer activity, optimising websites for mobile phones is essential to drive more conversions such as calls, store visits, and other purchases. Enhance your digital marketing plan by making mobile-friendly sites and when you’re done, indicate it on your website.

  1. Landing Page’s Relevance

Now that you have ticked those first two items on the list, don’t forget why people clicked your page in the first place. When a viewer clicks your link that says “Properties for sale in Asia,” don’t direct them to a landing page with a hodgepodge of everything. If you do that, you risk wasting a potential customer.

With that in mind, be sure to direct people to what they are looking for.

  1. Content Relevance

What makes people stay and engage more within your website is your content. It is for this reason that you need to invest time in crafting that perfect content that everyone will be interested in.  Always remember that relevant content is the main driving force of a strong website. So, stay true to your brand’s themes and topic and always be relevant!

  1. Opt-ins and Call-to-Action

You don’t want your new website visitor to exit after she finishes browsing. Now that you have your visitors engaged, grab the opportunity to turn them into conversions by adding opt-ins and call to action.

Opt-ins give customers an option to receive emails from you, may it be a subscription to your newsletter or your product updates. It is a good way to build your email list for your future marketing strategy.  It may come in formats such as a pop-up, welcome message, displayed on your website’s sidebars, among others.

Furthermore, you should always include a call to action. From the phrase itself, it drives people to do something. An example of a call to action is “Subscribe to receive 20% discount on your purchase” or something similar. Your website content must have calls-to-action placed whenever a conversion opportunity appears.

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Website Conversion | iRiver Asia
Make your customers happy because of your website’s mobile-friendly features.

The best digital marketing strategy is no secret. Ultimately, all these combined will generate more clicks on search engines and will get you a chance to seat at search engines’ top 10. In addition to that, you could further amplify content by asking an experienced and credentialed digital marketing agency who knows all the nooks and cranny there is to it. That’s where we come in!

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