Baidu Marketing: Sansiri La Habana Hua Hin Beachside Property

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China digital marketing has proven to become more effective in the year 2019! The growth forecast for China digital marketing will also increase. In fact, the forecast on digital marketing spending in China will increase by 22% and mobile advertising in China will grow 25% in 2019 according to China has its own digital marketing search engines and social media platforms like Baidu, Sina, Weibo, and more! So, what kind of property digital marketing works best?

Like Google, digital marketing placement in Baidu helps generate leads, increase traffic, and enhance brand identity. Real estate developers can make use of Baidu to implement marketing campaigns just like how Sansiri implemented their La Habana property ads.


About Sansiri & La Habana Beachside

Sansiri is one of the leading real estate developers in Thailand that offers incredible housing units. Their beachside property, La Habana, is located in the heart of Hua Hin where property owners can enjoy a relaxing environment that’s perfect for a holiday or just regular day at the beach.


Baidu Marketing: Sansiri La Habana

Baidu Lead Ad

Lead generating ads in Baidu increases the chance of catching users’ attention. Sansiri used lead ads to promote their property events in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Baidu is a good placement for lead ads when your target market is China property seekers.

Baidu Marketing: Sansiri La Habana Baidu Ads | iRiver Asia
Photo Courtesy: Sansiri La Habana


Baidu Banner Ad

Baidu is also banner-ad-friendly which is why most property developers targeting China market place their ads on any website in Baidu. Like the lead ads, Sansiri created banner ads as another form of their La Habana campaign.

Baidu Marketing: Sansiri La Habana Baidu Ads | iRiver Asia
Photo Courtesy: Sansiri La Habana


Baidu SEM

Sansiri has also used search marketing as part of their La Habana campaign. Paid search marketing works best when you want to maximize your campaigns target. It is easy to execute and is known to be cost effective. Property campaigns can get precise and measurable results.

Baidu Marketing: Sansiri La Habana Baidu Ads | iRiver Asia


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